Happiness. Longevity.

In Far Eastern cultures, the crane is a symbol for lasting happiness and longevity. Our practice concept echoes this symbolic character. The protective crane over a tooth represents preventive dentistry and the longevity of a patient’s own teeth to bring them lifelong happiness.

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With a healthy foundation.

On all counts. The foundation is the basis for healthy development in all aspects of life. This particularly applies to everyday working life in the practice, where new relationships are built between our medical staff and our patients. Healthy relationships based on trust, mutual respect and open communication are required to lay a solid foundation for providing the best possible treatment. The same conditions apply to your teeth. Teeth require healthy roots, regular oral hygiene and teeth cleaning to remain healthy for a patient’s entire life. This belief paves the way to understanding the two following fields of dentistry:

Preventive dentistry

Long-term preventive dentistry builds the foundation of our dental philosophy. With early diagnosis, it is possible to provide gentle treatment that is minimally invasive and of the highest quality. Two important pillars of preventive dentistry are endodontics and periodontics. Our experience and the use of modern methods make it possible to recognize problems early on and to actively, directly and precisely treat them. All the while, the individual and gentle, high-quality treatment for the patient always remain our focus.

Dental health

For natural looking teeth, dental health and aesthetics go hand in hand. Dental health can mean very different things to different people. Understanding and accepting that there is no universal solution that can always be applied is the first step towards providing the best possible treatment. The following steps are required to understand the patient and their needs in order to develop a tailored treatment concept, and to then reach that defined goal together with the patient.

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Artistry. Skill. Medicine.

Even in the art of origami, the crane plays a special role. According to an old Far Eastern legend, the gods grant a wish if 1,000 origami cranes are folded. Not only is the crane a fitting symbol, but also the actual folding of origami is allegorical for the tasks performed by a dentist.

The art of folding paper requires patience, manual skill, craftsmanship and imagination that makes it possible to turn a two-dimensional piece of paper into a complex three-dimensional figure.

Dentistry is quite similar. It is an art form in which experience, sensitivity, manual skill, precision and imagination enter into symbiosis. This can be used to help individuals in need to bring happiness and enjoyment to their daily life by giving them more confidence, a smile that lights up the room and functioning teeth into old age.

We find that dentistry strikes this harmony, which makes us look forward to creating another bit of happiness each day.

Roots in the Far East


“As the daughter of a dentist from South Korea and a German physician, the path to dentistry was clear from an early age. What could be better than bringing a smile to people’s faces?!

My patients are especially pleased when I am able to tell them they will be able to keep their natural tooth, or when it is possible to easily reconstruct a broken front tooth, for example, which allows the patient to quickly break into a happy and confident smile. That is why the longevity of a patient’s natural teeth is the focus of our practice concept.

Specific values from Far Eastern culture of course play a decisive role in my life, and have contributed to strengthening my concept. These values, just like the symbolism of the crane, are echoed in the practice and tangible in every element of our concept of therapy.”

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An international approach.

After various stays abroad as far back as her school days and during university studies, including England, the US and Australia, Dr. Heinlein speaks fluent English. As a result of regular participation in international conferences and further training, performing treatments in English is no problem at all.

Due to the proximity to the metropolis Frankfurt am Main, which is home to one of Europe’s largest airports, we maintain an international approach in our dental practice in Oberursel.

We are proud to be a multilingual dental practice and to be able to offer international patients and expats treatment at a native speaker level in English and Russian. Our accomplished professional staff have extensive language skills and are also able to assist international patients with billing questions.

Contact us for further information. We’re happy to help you!

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