Your natural teeth are
more valuable than any replacement.

Keeping your own healthy, fully functioning teeth until old age – something that was considered impossible not too long ago has now become reality with modern dentistry thanks to comprehensive diagnostics, individualized teeth cleaning programs, innovative equipment and the qualitative development of treatment methods.
We know that the demands placed on our teeth have automatically increased due to our lengthened life expectancy. We combine all of these options with our experience to provide the most emphatic treatment in our dental practice in Oberursel.

Professional teeth cleaning

Prevention is better than cure

thumbnail prophylaxe zahnvorsorge
To maintain your natural teeth into old age, reacting to problems is not sufficient. When it comes to teeth, prevention is better than cure. The convenience of having your own teeth in old age is a prospect that very likely can be reached by means of regular prophylaxis.
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Modern endodontics
Root canal treatment

Measures to preserve diseased teeth.

thumbnail endodontie wurzelbehandlung
An unhealthy tooth can have different causes. Modern endodontics in dentistry is explicitly concerned with diseases of the root and interior of the tooth. Our modern endodontic therapy gets to the root of the problem.
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Your natural teeth into old age.

thumbnail parodontologie zahnfleisch
Although periodontics does not treat the tooth itself, it focuses on something just as important: The periodontium. A healthy periodontium builds the foundation of a functioning set of teeth and ensures that our teeth are held firmly in place.
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Further services
in our dental practice

Thanks to our wide range of dental health services, we will always find the right solution for you in Oberursel. Click on the pictures for further information.

zahnarzt oberursel familie kinder

Your family dentist
in Oberursel

For our younger patients

As a dental practice with a special focus on the longevity and long-term preservation of your natural teeth, we like to provide information, preventive care and treatment early on. Especially with children, their first encounters with a dentist are of utmost importance, because these experiences have a lasting impact on how they approach dentists and oral hygiene, which has an effect on their dental health.
In our practice, the well-being of our younger patients is dear to our hearts. Starting with the atmosphere we create, including entertainment options before and during treatment, we leave nothing to chance.
Our practice team is trained in how to interact, educate and treat children and cares for every child with undivided attention and the greatest sensitivity to their needs and worries. We are particularly proud of our computer-assisted anesthesia system, which helps both anxious patients and children by administering anesthesia that is hardly noticeable before a treatment. Come along with your child to see our bright interior, warm and open atmosphere and the skilled treatment we provide children.

Unser Service für Kinder & Jugendliche

  • Cheerful and relaxed atmosphere
  • Kid-friendly treatment methods
  • Video glasses with a range of films
  • Computer-assisted anesthesia injection to make numbing hardly noticeable
  • Kindness & empathy
  • Optimal & individual planning
  • Gentle pediatric teeth cleaning
  • Tooth brushing lessons

Interdisciplinary treatments

We only put you in the best of hands.

It is said that smiling requires less effort than frowning because it uses fewer facial muscles. While that is true, a beautiful and radiant smile is indeed a complex interplay of facial muscles, jaw musculature, teeth and so on. As our smile demonstrates, it can sometimes be necessary to work together with other specialists to achieve the best results for our patients.
To offer you the best possible treatment, we focus on our specialties and work on problems beyond our range of services on an interdisciplinary basis with outstanding experts (such as orthodontists, surgeons, physical therapists) who we would also go to for our own treatment. Regardless of which partner we refer you to, you can rest assured that your information will be dealt with confidentially and that we will only put you in the best of hands.
zahn notfall oberursel

In case of
acute pain

Often, toothache in small doses can be dealt with, but ongoing pain can become very stressful. We therefore ask you to call our practice immediately if you are in pain.
06171 - 52 161

Emergeny care

For emergency cases in the Oberursel region (Taunus) outside our office hours, please call the telephone number
01805 - 60 70 11