Dr. med. dent.
U-Ju Heinlein

Premium Dental Care

Specialty training in periodontics according to the LZKH
Specialty training in endodontics according to the LZKH
“Working with my patients on a close, personal and respectful basis is extremely important to me. For me, the key to excellent treatment is a combination of interpersonal relationships based on trust, open communication, expert knowledge and regular advanced training. The highest quality of treatment – that is my aim. High-quality treatment requires time, and that is exactly what we take to thoroughly treat and solve your dental concerns in our practice.”
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Treatment philosophy

Our practice logo is more than a symbol to us. It is an allegory for the standard to which we uphold our daily work, and is also the core of everything that motivates us. The deep and positive symbolic meaning of the crane is based on longevity, on reflecting upon what is essential and on an inner balance which allows the crane to face external influences and adversities calmly, carefully and with composure. Projecting these characteristics onto dentistry, this symbolizes how we approach our work as well as our high standards of quality.
Particularly in terms of health, you should not be satisfied with short-term or superficial solutions. In contemporary dentistry, protecting and maintaining a patient’s own teeth is of growing importance. Especially when considering the steady increase in life expectancy, healthy teeth, and more particularly a patient’s natural teeth, play an important role in leading a fulfilled life even at an older age. The appearance of a patient’s teeth is not only distinguished by their aesthetics, but also more and more by the questions: Are they still my natural teeth? Are my teeth healthy from root to crown? The focus of our practice is therefore preventive dental care that is long-term and proactive as well as the general health of your teeth.
Dr. Heinlein’s own treatment specialties and expertise are, in addition to cosmetic dentistry, the complementary and mutually enriching fields of periodontics and endodontics. With extensive continuing education in the field of cosmetic dentistry and participation in postgraduate programs in periodontics and endodontics, Dr. Heinlein has enhanced her experience and knowledge in recent years, making her the ideal authority to advise and treat patients according to the latest scientific findings. So you can keep your natural teeth even in old age if possible. For her exceptional expertise and continuing education in the field of preventive dental care, Dr. Heinlein was awarded the advanced training seal in the specialty fields of periodontics and endodontics from the Hessen Association of Dentists (LZKH).

Curriculum Vitae

Certified postgraduate program “Curriculum Implantologie” from the German Society of Oral Implantology (DGOI) & the New York University – College of Dentistry
Certified postgraduate program “Curriculum Parodontologie” (Periodontics)
2013 - 2016
Professional employment as a dentist in a specialist practice in Frankfurt’s Westend.
Awarding of doctorate as Dr. med. dent. in Würzburg (magna cum laude)
Certified postgraduate program “Curriculum Endodontie” (Endodontics)
2010 - 2012
Residency and professional employment as a dentist in a prestigious general dentistry practice
2004 - 2009
Study of dentistry at the Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg - License to practice medicine awarded in 2009 (grade: very good)


Certificates & certified postgraduates

Get to know
our practice team

J. Starkey

Ms. Starkey is our valued and highly qualified dental hygienist. Thanks to her many years of experience and her participation in many training programs, she has above-average knowledge in the field of dental prophylaxis and periodontology. She was also able to gain extensive and valuable international experience through many years of working in a practice specializing in prophylaxis in California (USA).

Due to her work in America and the fact that she is married to an American man, Ms. Starkey has excellent English skills and can therefore also provide excellent care for our international patients in English.

N. Gerter

Ms. Gerter has many years of experience in caring for patients as an assistant in dental treatment. She works conscientiously, sensitively and with care in the treatment room and plays a key role in our practice and contributes her part to our practice promise.

Thanks to her Russian roots, Ms. Gerter is able to translate important information about treatment to Russian patients into their national language and to explain treatment processes and methods in an understandable and transparent manner. It forms part of our multilingual practice concept to make your visit to our practice as pleasant as possible.

H. Oudriss

Ms. Oudriss can be found in treatment assistance at our dental practice in Oberursel. With her friendly, trusting and bright nature, she always puts a smile on our patients' faces.

D. Laksir

Ms. Laksir is an important part of our treatment assistance in our dental practice in Oberursel.

P. Rahimi

Ms. Rahimi is an important part of our treatment assistance in our dental practice in Oberursel and is also active in prophylaxis.

B. Crawford

Ms. Crawford can be found at reception or in patient care at our dental practice in Oberursel.

Your dentist
in the heart of Oberursel

Preventive dental care and dental health provided by proactive dentistry – these values have not changed, but are rather the core of Dr. Heinlein’s practice concept. Light colors, warm accents and an inviting interior create the perfect environment for an enjoyable visit to the dentist. The practice not only focuses on the well-being and satisfaction of patients online, but also in the practice itself.
Treatments in Dr. Heinlein’s dental practice are performed using cutting-edge equipment and innovative methods based on the latest findings in science and research to make sure that you, our dear patients, are completely satisfied.
That is important to us and dear to our hearts.

Our service for you

  • Wir sprechen Deutsch / We speak English / Мы говорим по-русски
  • Fast and reliable appointments with minimal waiting times
  • Interest-free financing and payment with EC card possible
  • Friendly, experienced and highly skilled team
  • Personal and professional consultation and care
  • Appointment reminders by email, mail or telephone
  • Regular advanced training
  • Highest standards of quality

Our facilities

  • Modern instruments & equipment
  • Treatments under a ZEISS dental microscope with up to 35x magnification
  • Digital & low-dose X-rays
  • Infrared digital imaging for finding the best solution
  • Computer-assisted anesthesia injection to make numbing hardly noticeable - especially for children, adolescents and anxious patients
  • Video glasses with a range of films to help you relax during longer treatments
  • ZOOM! Bleaching with modern LED light for bright white teeth

Is this your first visit with us?

We’ll help you reach your goal!

We’re glad you found us online! Today, the impressive range of dental options available can often make a significant difference as they allow for the precise adjustment of treatment. A patient’s satisfaction is determined by their well-being, the success of the treatment and by the impressions and experience gathered in the practice. We put these aspects first and they are central to our practice concept. It is important to us for your first visit and all subsequent visits to be stress-free and relaxed. Structured organization and planning allows us to ensure your visit at our practice goes smoothly.
We are an appointment-based practice, which is why we ask you to make an appointment with us ahead of time. Please feel free to use the online form below or to contact us by phone. This allows us to fully concentrate on your needs during your visit. It goes without saying that we will do our best to see you as quickly as possible in an emergency or in a case of acute discomfort. In such cases, our skilled employees will help you make the next possible appointment over the phone.
To further prepare for your appointment in our Oberursel Dental Practice, you can also download our online medical history form and fill it out ahead of time in the comfort of your home. We will gladly help you with any questions or additional information during your visit at the practice.
Our dental practice is located centrally in Oberursel in close proximity to the main station on the Adenauerallee across from the park. Excellent connections to public transportation (the “Adenauerallee” stop is approx. 50 meters away) ensure that getting to our practice is as easy and stress-free as possible.
For patients traveling by car, parking spots are available along Adenauerallee, in two parking garages and there are also additional parking spots at the train station, making it possible to quickly and easily arrive for your appointment.