Prevention is better than after care.

Especially in dentistry, prevention is better than aftercare. As your expert dental practice in Oberursel, prevention of dental health diseases is at least as important to us as treatment. Comprehensive preventive care can often preserve natural teeth into old age.

In our dental practice in Oberursel, we therefore offer the complete spectrum of prophylaxis and care for patients of all ages and with different needs and problems. This includes, among other things, the care and counseling of pregnant women, - the children and adolescent prophylaxis which also includes the tooth brushing school and the particularly important care while children and adolescents wear fixed braces.


Modern dentistry now offers a broad range of preventive measures to maintain natural teeth during adulthood. Prophylaxis is a very important topic and is dear to our hearts.

The key component of professional dental prophylaxis is professional teeth cleaning. The procedure involves the removal of hard and soft plaque from the teeth, particularly in areas that are difficult or impossible to reach with a tooth brush. Stains on the surface of the teeth caused by food and beverages consumed on a regular basis, such as red wine, coffee and tea are largely removed. The teeth are then polished and treated with fluoride. As a regular preventive measure, it helps to keep the teeth and gums healthy over the long term.

We would be happy to give you independent advice about your individual prophylaxis plan in our Oberursel Dental Practice.


We offer our young patients gentle prophylaxis for children and adolescents. This includes tooth brushing lessons as well as further, special oral hygiene treatments for children and adolescents up to 18 years of age. Another important aspect is to inform parents. Most parents do not know that prophylaxis for children can and should start at 30 months of age. Learning about oral hygiene at a young age can maintain your child’s smile for years to come.

We would be happy to share information about services for your children and to help you take care of your child’s dental health. Tooth brushing routines, professional teeth cleaning and nutritional advice are all part of our customized preventive care for your children.


Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause an array of changes in your body. Increased blood flow to mucous membranes, increased production of acidic saliva and much more can disturb the balance in the mouth as well as your oral hygiene. Bleeding of the gums or even the development of gum disease can often result due to these changes. Diseases in the mouth during pregnancy not only harm the mother, but also bear the risk of premature delivery. To make sure your mouth does not become a risk factor to your health or the health of your child during pregnancy, we would be happy to take precautionary measures together with you in our dental practice in Oberursel.


Microabrasion is a procedure used to treat discoloration of the front teeth or to aesthetically treat demineralization or a cavity in its initial stages. This technique is often used to treat discoloration after an orthodontic treatment with fixed braces. After the brackets have been removed, unattractive white spots often remain on the teeth. These unsightly discolorations can be removed or at least concealed to make them less noticeable by using a minimally invasive treatment known as microabrasion, which does not involve any drilling or filling.


A dental sealant helps to protect the teeth by acting as a barrier against bacteria. A dental sealant is particularly important for protecting against caries bacteria and plaque in the pits and fissures of teeth. Pits and fissures are terms that refer to the grooves that look like dimples or ridges and predominantly form on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Each pit and fissure varies in depth from person to person. Because pits and fissures are also often vial-shaped, it is advisable to seal them as soon as possible to avoid tooth decay. Tooth decay can occur in the molars (large back teeth) and often also in the premolars (smaller back teeth.) We individually assess the need for pit or fissure sealants for each of our patients and offer our patients and parents extensive information about the treatment. Your long-term dental health and that of your children is important to us! Feel free to contact us.


An important factor in every individual’s dental health is their diet. Your eating habits in combination with your dental and oral hygiene routines provides a great deal of information, which then allows us to help specifically tackle existing medical conditions. Knowing about your eating habits is also important for being able to recognize specific dangers and risks during your prophylaxis treatments. Adapting your diet and habits can significantly reduce the risks of suffering from tooth decay and gum disease.


Having bad breath can be due to poor dental hygiene, but not necessarily. Wounds in the mouth, eating habits, diseases of the teeth and gums are just some of the potential causes. Bad breath can often be an indication of different and potentially more serious issues. If you suffer from bad breath, there is no reason to be ashamed. Feel free to speak openly with us - we would be happy to help. With targeted analysis, it is possible to identify the root cause and often easily treat it to make sure you feel good again.


The risk of being prone to cavities is determined by various factors – an important aspect is the development of caries bacteria. A saliva test can be used to identify particularly aggressive bacteria and germs to draw advanced conclusions and create an individualized and improved prophylaxis strategy. This makes it possible to easily identify an increased risk of tooth decay and we can then coordinate preventive measures with you on a more frequent basis. Contact us, and we would be happy to advise you in our Oberursel Dental Practice.