Teeth whitening (bleaching)
in Oberursel

Modern and medically best possible solutions for our patients

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    Even after intensive dental care, discoloration can be caused by things we consume on a daily basis such as coffee, tea or red wine. Bleaching can help remove these stains and to lighten the teeth by several shades. We offer Zoom Bleaching by Philips as a treatment in our practice. We use a special LED light for what is known as in-office bleaching, which accelerates the bleaching process many times over, leading to impressive results that are aesthetically pleasing. The advantage this method offers when compared to older UV lights is that this LED light does not heat up, which is gentler on the gums. Irritation that had often occurred as the result of treatment with UV lights is now finally a thing of the past. Another option is what is known as home bleaching in which we prepare bleaching trays for you to take home where you can fill them with bleaching gel yourself. This method is slower since we are only allowed to give you a gel for at home that is less concentrated. It takes longer to achieve results, but works just as well. It is also a particularly convenient method to use for “freshening up” your teeth after successful bleaching treatments in the practice.